Friday's Vote Of No Consequence

It occurred to me while trading jibes with a troll earlier this week, “Hey, I sure would like some of my wife’s home-made spaghetti“.  But no one else cares about my food preferences, so I tried to think about what might be interesting, that we have not done for a while.  So, this being Friday and my regular job being really, really, far from interesting to anyone in the general populace, I decided to ask readers to vote on their favorite writers here.  So, let’s start with the roster from Wizbang’s sidebar:



Jay Tea

Lorie Byrd

Kim Priestap

DJ Drummond

Michael Laprarie

Baron Von Ottomatic

Shawn Mallow


Dan Karipides

Michael Avitablile

Charlie Quidnunc

Steve Schippert


Please vote, if you will, on which of these writers you find tops in the following categories:


[] Most intelligent

[] Most readable

[] Most insightful

[] Most reasonable

[] Most interesting

[] Most fun

[] Any other positive quality you think should be mentioned


There are no prizes or special rules, and as always this offer is void in the state of Montana, because it seems Montana is really keen on voiding this sort of thing.

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