The Danger of Credentialed Idiots

is that they are still idiots.

Education does not measurably change the actual intelligence of a student.  The ability to pass tests does not, in every case, translate into an ability to perform effective work in the area tested.

Walter Russel Mead presents what should be a case study of this phenomenon:

The Dreamer Goes Down For The Count

I had never thought there were many similarities between the
pleasure-loving Charles II of England and the more upright Barack Obama
until this week.  Listening to his speeches on the Middle East at the
State Department, US-Israel relations at the AIPAC annual meeting and
most recently his address to the British Parliament the comparison
becomes irresistible.

“Here lies our sovereign king,” wrote the Earl of Rochester about King Charles:

Whose word no man relies on.
Who never said a foolish thing
Or ever did a wise one.

This seems to capture President Obama’s Middle East problems in a
nutshell.  The President’s descriptions of the situation are
comprehensive and urbane.  He correctly identifies the forces at work. 
He develops interesting policy ideas and approaches that address
important political and moral elements of the complex problems we face. 
He crafts approaches that might, with good will and deft management,
bridge the gaps between the sides.  He reads thoughtful speeches full of
sensible reflections.

But the last few weeks have cast him as the least competent manager
of America’s Middle East diplomatic portfolio in a very long time.  He
has infuriated and frustrated long term friends, but made no headway in
reconciling enemies.  He has strained our ties with the established
regimes without winning new friends on the Arab Street.  He has
committed our forces in the strategically irrelevant backwater of Libya
not, as he originally told us, for “days, not weeks” but for months not

Our credentialed, though duly elected, idiot is failing miserably in the real world of international diplomacy.  He has squandered much, and gained nothing.

Why do conservatives question the good intentions of liberals?