Botox Mom Made It All Up For Money And Fame


You heard about the beauty pagent mom who went on TV and claimed she gave her 8-year-old daughter Botox injections and “virgin waxes,” right? You probably wondered to yourself whether something like this could really be true, right?

Turns out you were right, the story is appears to be this year’s version of the Balloon Boy; reality TV obsessed parent whores out their child and themselves for “fame.” From TMZ:

The woman who went on “Good Morning America,” claiming she injected her 8-year-old daughter with Botox, now swears under oath … she made the entire story up for a few hundred bucks.

TMZ has obtained a sworn declaration written by Sheena Upton, who claims she was recently approached by the British tabloid, The Sun, and asked “to play the role of Kerry Campbell” for a story called “I Give My 8-Year-Old Daughter Botox.”

Upton now confesses The Sun paid her $200 adding, “I was provided with the story, instructions and a script to follow for a recorded interview.”

After the story ran in The Sun, Upton says she was approached by “Good Morning America” and “Inside Edition” and claims she was offered “a large fee” to appear on camera. She went on both shows and re-told her story.

After the interview, child welfare officials took Upton’s daughter away.

The Daily Mail story contains this tidbit.

One insider said: ‘It’s beginning to look like Kerry’s claims about giving her daughter Botox injections looks like a hoax, and that Kerry is making the entire thing up for publicity.

‘Kerry is obsessed with reality television, and wants to become famous.

Given that the British tabloids are already on record as having hacked the mobile devices of numerous celebrities, it’s not a real big leap to believe they may have fabricated this story like Upton/Campbell now says.

What is amazing, at least to me, is that it only took $200 to get this lady to basically admit to being the most heinous mom on the planet…

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