Chico, the incredible typing Chihuahua (judging by his apparent limits in education and reading comprehension, and his absurdly obvious inferiority complex) and resident troll here at Wizbang, inadvertently provided a public service in one of his comments.


Chico wrote the following:  don’t piss off the Muslims by invading, occupying and bombing their countries for years, or by propping up corrupt puppets to better rob their resources. It will save US money, too.”  It was a failure in terms of actually addressing the topic, but it does neatly sum up the liberal mindset regarding our military and the Middle East.


Note, for a beginning, that Chico does not address the culture or nationality of people in the region, but only the dominant religion.  In Chicology, Egypt and Iran are the same, and Turkey is indistinguishable from Afghanistan, Iraq is just another name for the Sudan, and so on.  Note also that in Chicology, no one has rights in the Middle East unless they are Muslim.  Jews, Christians, Atheists, Buddhists, Sikhs, and all the rest have no right to speak up, especially in defense of their own beliefs or culture.  Note that in Chicology, any action taken by the US in a Middle Eastern country is tantamount to permanent devastation.  Even actions taken to protect the citizens of Iraq and Afghanistan are actually horrific war crimes, and every violent act must be considered to be the norm and intent of US policy.  That the US has built schools and hospitals, has built roads and dug wells, must be ignored or blamed as somehow an accessory to the massacre of innocents.  Note that in Chicology, thugs and tyrants only exist because the US somehow installed them.  Even when this is proven to be a lie, the charge is changed to claim that US policy corrupted the nation or region, creating the tyrant by a cosmic osmosis or something like it.  Keep in mind that even rudimentary critical thinking is beyond the mental limits of the Chicologist, and all opinions are steeped in the bile and hate of the extreme Left.


Also in Chicology, all costs are due to US military action, and all economic considerations are zero-sum calculations, where military action can have no economic benefits and abandoning the region no economic costs. In other words, Chicology depends on a world comprised of impossible and contradictory conditions, where History, Economics, Risk, Strategy, Diplomacy, and Sociology must be ignored in deference to the stupidity and bias of the Chicologist.  While absurd in practice, this behavior satisfies the Liberals’ belief that they can continue, even increase, their political power by such behavior.        


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