I'm Sorry, Your Card Has Been Declined

It’s been a while since people started talking about how the “race card” had reached its limit, how it was being declined, that it needs to be cut up. In a similar vein, I’d like to take away the “victim card” from Muslims.

In the past few days, my colleagues have done a pretty good job of citing examples of Muslims trying to play the victim card. We have Osama Bin Laden’s son saying that his father was killed unjustly. We have people trying to excuse a Muslim man who rushed the cockpit of an airliner while screaming “Allahu Akbar!”

And in other areas, we have two imams on a conference on “Islamophobia” — by an astonishing coincidence — being removed from an airplane in what could only be a case of rank Islamophobia. We have “fighting” in Egypt between Muslims (90% of the population) and Christians (10%, 9% Coptic) that results in only Christians killed and only churches burned.

You know what? I’m sick of hearing about the “persecution” of Muslims. I’d like to challenge anyone to find examples — recent of Muslims being killed by non-Muslims for their faith. I’d wager that for every single example, I can find at least a dozen examples of people — Muslims and non-Muslims alike — killed by Muslims in the name of Allah.

Further, here’s a list of current wars and significant conflicts. There are ten major conflicts going on right now, of which eight involve Muslims on at least one side. There are another 20 conflicts of less intensity going on, and 15 of those involve Muslims on at least one side. So that’s 80% of the major conflicts, and 75% of the lesser ones.

Years ago, someone much wiser than me stated that “Islam has bloody borders.” That’s not entirely accurate — on many cases, the bloodiness goes a lot deeper.

And in light of that, when I hear claims of “Muslim persecution,” the first thing that comes to mind is not persecution of Muslims, but persecution by Muslims. At least, that’s the way to bet.

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