Yes, history will be kind to George W. Bush

Notable Republicans from George H. W. Bush to Karl Rove to Condoleezza Rice have all gone on the record defending the Bush Administration’s War on Terror policies. 

On the other hand, Democrats argued that those policies were the very essence of the evil and unsophistication that permeated the Bush Administration.  Barack Obama and his liberal confreres spared no effort condemning the Bush Administration as an affront to everything America was supposed to stand for, and wasted no time promising to end its policies post haste if they were given the White House in 2008.

But now that Osama bin Laden has been located and killed, and now that we know beyond all doubt that intelligence extracted from captured terrorists via enhanced interrogation techniques gave us the critical leads that allowed us to find him, some liberals are beginning to rethink their rapacious criticisms of the Bush Administration. 

Listen to Glenn Greenwald, who made a blogging and writing career out of accusing the Bush Administration of every civil rights violation imaginable, argue that Democrats now owe Bush and Cheney an apology —

Yeah … I hope you were sitting down for that one.  Wow.

I doubt that any Democratic power players will ever own up to the fact that their party was simply gainsaying everything put forth by the Bush Administration in a cheap attempt to score political points and siphon votes.  Nor will they ever admit that when they finally took control of Congress and the White House, they realized that in their zeal to demagogue Republicans, they had failed to formulate a single well thought out alternative to any of the policies they  suddenly inherited.

So fellow conservatives, accept these apologies gracefully, because they are the best we are going to get.  Just remember to snicker a little the next time you see a faded “Bush Lied” bumper sticker.

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