"These men deserve to be decorated. They don't deserve to be prosecuted"

Dick Cheney talking about the Obama administration’s continued insistence on prosecuting CIA agents involved in enhanced interrogations:

Dick_Cheney.jpgFormer Vice President Dick Cheney said Sunday it’s an “outrage” the Obama administration continues to investigate CIA agents who interrogated terror suspects, claiming they did nothing wrong and expressing concern about the precedent it sets.

Though it’s unclear what role so-called enhanced interrogation played in finding bin Laden, Cheney told “Fox News Sunday” the techniques probably “contributed” and suggested the circumstances make the Justice probe all the more unsettling.

“It’s unfortunate,” Cheney said. “These men deserve to be decorated. They don’t deserve to be prosecuted.”

Cheney noted there was a “complete investigation” during the Bush administration that concluded the agents had not violated the law. He said the decision by Holder to reopen that case and hand it over to a special prosecutor sets a “terrible precedent.”

“These are government employees. They did nothing wrong, as best as any of us knows,” Cheney told “Fox News Sunday.” “It is an outrage that we would go after the people who deserve the credit for keeping us safe for seven and a half years.”

At what point are investigations against Eric Holder and his politically charged prosecutions to begin?  Or does the man’s skin pigmentation play a role in preventing such launches?

Color me curious.

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