The Dead Bug Doctrine

I have been trying to figure out how to explain the morality of the killing of Osama bin Laden (pigs be unto him).  There are quite a few people, generally on the Left who try to argue for moral relativity even in Osama’s case.  They argue that we should not celebrate murder, that it’s unchristian to be happy someone is dead, that we have provoked Islam by killing Osama instead of capturing him, or better still apparently, just sending him a nice candygram for not succeeding in most of his evil plots since 9/11.   A recent example of the sheer lunacy making the rounds, was noted by Dennis Prager today.  He observed a psychologist on the ‘Today’ Show warning that celebrating the death of terrorists sends the wrong kind of message;  co-host Matt Lauer (pigs be unto him) said the behavior was ‘contradictory’ to good parenting.  That kind of statement is patently stupid, as I will show.

It so happens that my daughter hates insects.  Oh, she thinks they’re cool on TV and so on, but not in her bedroom or the bathroom.   If a bug shows up there, it’s time for Dad to go kill bugs. 

Notice, I did not say ‘capture’.  I did not say ‘get them out of the house’.  Nope, when daughter sees bugs in the house, she is not happy until she sees a bug carcass.  Because that’s the only way she can be really sure the bug is not going to come back.  That’s the only way she can be sure the threat is over and done with.  Kids understand the need to kill bad things.  And they expect proof they are told that the threat, whatever it is, has been removed.  

Kids already know about terrorists.  Anyone over the age of 11 has seen video from the 9/11 attacks, and quite a few under that age have seen them too.  Kids understand that we live in a world with murderers and madmen.  And kids, contrary to the nuanced delicacy so pervasive among liberals, understand that terrorists remain a threat until they are dead.  Stephen King and John Carpenter movies to the contrary, dead bad guys don’t come back.  Bad people sent to prison often do bad things later on, because they get out.  And with so many morons making apologies for terrorists, anyone with a lick of common sense knows that the only realistic solution to terrorism is to make that career choice a fatal consequence.   Children are happy that Osama bin laden is dead, because they know that he, at least, won’t harm anyone else ever again.   


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