Breaking: Osama bin Laden is Dead and we have the body

White House only embargoed the story until 2230EDT/1930PDT and then slipped the official announcement.

Ding dong the bastard’s dead.

Update: 2252EDT/1952PDT and 0bama is still nowhere to be seen.

Update 2: 2300EDT/2000PDT and 0bama is still Missing in Action.

Update 3:

Who: Osama bin Laden
What: is dead
When: one week ago
Where: Pakistan (Islamabad)
How: high velocity lead poisoning
Why: Payback
Miscellaneous: Good riddance to bad rubbish

Update 4: 65 minutes late for pablum?

Update 5: One must wonder why the ISI (Pakistani Intelligence) couldn’t find OBL.

Update 6: “We have a head, find a pike and the Ground Zero memorial is done.”

Bin Laden has assumed room temperature (UPDATED)
I might be a racist