The "Birther" Issue Gets Trumped

Well, at 9:45, President Obama is to publicly drive a stake through the whole “birther” issue — at least for all but the most resolute crazies. And this means one thing, and one thing only:

Donald Trump was starting to score points.

For some time, I’ve said that the whole “Birther” BS only served Obama and his cronies, and it was in their interests to keep the whole mess at a steady simmer — never boiling over, but never cooling off. It let them tar all Obama critics with the “birther” tag and dismiss them.

No, I don’t think they started it, or even pushed it very hard, but they certainly reveled in it and kept it from dying for their own political gain.

What Trump did was to crank up the heat, and start to make the Obamoids sweat a bit. So now, almost three years since it first arose, Obama himself is finally getting around to putting it to rest.

No, this won’t please all the nutjob birthers, and they are legion. But it will take a lot of wind out of their sails, relegating them to the same corner of Crazyville as the 9/11 Truthers and the Trig Birthers. (Say “Hi!” to Andrew Sullivan for me, folks!)

This might be the single greatest service Trump has ever done his nation, and we owe him our thanks.

For myself, I’m going to watch Obama (it’s my day off from my ever-less-accurately-named “day job”) and try not to giggle too much as he loses one of his most useful tools.

Now, if he’d only get an effing clue…

Update: And now here’s Trump, here in NH, saying pretty much the same thing, but in his own blowhard fashion…

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