Ace Explains Obama's Academic Record Vacuum


Obama’s IQ Is 116. Hah! This guy guestimates that based on tangible proxy evidence, which is right in the middle of where I figured it would be.

Now, this guy is not just completely making things up. He knows, because there are records of it, that Obama was not
a National Merit Scholar, or National Merit Finalist, or the lowest
subcategory, “Outstanding Participant.” (This seems to be an honor
conferred by the College Board (the SAT people) primarily if not
exclusively based on SAT scores.)

Since Obama did not make the list for any of those automatically-conferred SAT-based recognitions, we know his SATs must be below those thresholds, setting a hard upper cap on his possible SAT scores.

We can then figure his highest, likeliest IQ score,
because the SAT is just a modified version of the old Army IQ test.
Current IQ tests and the SATs are both derived straight from the old
Army IQ test, testing pretty much the same things and in pretty much the
same ways. Different scoring system, but same ultimate term of
comparison — how you rank compared to the general population, expressed
as percentile.

Not dumb, but I never thought he was dumb — just not a genius.
116’s a perfectly respectable score, but no one goes bragging on it and
claims to be a genius at 116.

Well, no one except John F. Kerry.

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