Are the President's people simply politically tone deaf?

Or is Obama’s visit to a Church this past Easter weekend whose pastor has compared Rush Limbaugh to the Klu Klux Klan part of a purposeful and premeditated political ploy?

Obama took the First Lady and their First Daughters to Shiloh Baptist Church, the first time the First Family has worshipped in a local church in quite some time.  The pastor of that church is Wallace Smith.  The same Wallace Smith who though perhaps not as flamboyant and in your face as Jeremiah Wright, seems to have been cut from the same cloth:

Can there be any wonder why some are driven to beat the hell out of others in fast food joints if they listen to this sort of vitriol week in and week out, no matter the softness and calmness with which it’s delivered?

And can someone explain to me the reasoning why Obama would give this guy his ear? And why he would expose his daughters to him?


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