Busted… And Utterly Unashamed

Last week, I pointed out how President Obama has mastered the art of attacking his adversaries in ways and in venues where they are constrained from hitting back. I called it many things, but “cheap-shotting” seems to sum it up.

Well, reliable dolt “Woop” just had to chime in:

Republicans playing the victim card.

It didn’t work for Palin.

It won’t work for Ryan.

Grow a pair.

Well, at that point, I figured “if he thinks that’s fair, let’s give it a whirl.” And from then on, I’ve been liberally editing Woop’s comments to have some fun with the moron. I’ve rewritten, censored, and wholesale trashed several of his comments, including one rather entertaining stretch where I compared his fixation with the Tea Party with Captain Queeg’s (of the Caine Mutiny) fixation on some missing strawberries.

Anyway, Woop has finally whined about it and played the victim card. Oh, noes! Jay Tea is editing my comments! Help! Help! I’m being oppressed! Come and see the violence inherent in the system!

Poor Woop. He’s being hoist on his own petard, he’s having to lie in the bed he made, and he doesn’t like it one bit.

Sorry, Woop. You made it clear that if one has the power to give out bitch-slaps with impunity, then they are free to do so — and the recipient has no business “whining.”

So I’m slapping you around. Quit your whining. I’ll stop.

As soon as it gets boring.

Just don’t cry about it, because that will make it even more fun.

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