"Sarah Palin doesn't use teleprompters, she doesn't use Orwellian double-speak"

That from The Anchoress’ coverage of Sarah’s recent speech in Wisconsin:

palinflag.jpgI finally got to watch the video of Sarah Palin’s speech, which is up in two parts at Hillbuzz.

Gotta say it — Sarah Palin doesn’t use teleprompters, she doesn’t use Orwellian double-speak that is so preposterous even Jon Stewart has to call it out; she is not contemptuous of her audience, as the president increasingly appears to be, she has enough wit to grab a phrase and have fun with it, (“so yeah, we’re here, we’re clear, get used to it!”) and, most importantly, the former Governor of Alaska is coherent.

The only thing coherent about Obama, lately, is how obviously he does not care about the reality of the lives of ordinary Americans — whether they have jobs, whether they can afford to fill up their gas-tanks, whether inflation is going to buckle their knees, whether they want to get off “the oil nipple” or not, whether they approve of us giving money to other countries, so we can buy the oil they’re drilling.

Finish with her.  Pass it on.  Read the whole thing while understanding that The Anchoress has been quite balanced in her coverage of Ms. Palin, unafraid to mingle critiques with praise.

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