Not Over My Back Yard

One of the ritzier areas of Boston is Beacon Hill, where a lot of the hoi-polloi hoity-toity of the Brahmins live. They are pretty much what you’d expect from the blue-bloods of the bluest of the blue states — arrogant, pompous, and with an almost-inconceivable sense of entitlement.

It’s that sense that of entitlement that is prompting their latest complaint — too many helicopters flying over their very expensive homes.

I can see some of their complaints. The choppers are annoying, and they apparently tend to violate FAA regulations for traveling over the city. I don’t think that the traffic helicopters really need to break the rules.

More justifiable, the police birds. During routine patrols, they ought to follow the rules, much like cruisers should (even if they usually don’t) ought to obey traffic laws unless they’re actively responding to an emergency.

But the last category… air ambulances need to get their passengers to hospitals quickly. If that means flying a little lower, or over the wrong rich people’s homes, then so be it.

And if that annoys the rich, then so be it.

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