Classless Warfare

Last week, President Obama gave a public address on the budget situation, and invited key Republican leaders from Congress to attend. As they were shown to their front-row seats, they probably thought that finally Obama had decided to put words to action and start acting in a truly bipartisan, presidential manner and actually intended to make serious progress towards resolving the conflicts.

Instead, they were treated to a standard Obama political stump speech — and found themselves as unwitting and unwilling props as he lashed out at them and their policies and programs, and unable to respond without breaking decorum.

This should have come as no surprise. It is what Obama does.

Remember his first State of the Union address? He made a point of lashing out at the Supreme Court over the Citizens United Case, denouncing it as “wrong” and unjust — by lying about the details of the case and the decision. And the Justices of the Court in attendance had to sit there and take it — the one justice who, stunned, murmured “that’s not true” — was denounced for even that shocked response.

This is what Obama does. He goes to places where he can speak free of any fear of interruption or contradiction, where his opponents will be there and constrained to not speak up, and then attacks them.

There’s a term for this kind of thing. “CAD.”

Actually, that’s several terms. It’s an acronym I came up with.

Chickenshit. It’s an incredibly petty act. It scores cheap points, but points out the essentially cheap nature of the person who scores the points.

Asshole. What kind of a person arranges for people to be put in position where they have to sit there and take insults and attacks — especially false ones — and not be allowed to hit back, deny, or have any kind of reaction? Especially people that the attacker will have to do business with in the future? Only an asshole.

Douchebag. Only an incredible douchebag could think that they could not only pull off this kind of stunt, but pull it off repeatedly — and not suffer any consequences, and Obama has pulled this off twice now.

Obama has made it clear has has nothing but contempt for the Republicans in Congress, and that should be kept foremost in mind for all future dealings. The Republicans should make a point of putting serious preconditions on any future public meetings with Obama — and publicize those conditions just before the meeting.

It’s not necessary that they start treating Obama in a similar manner, but it must be made loud and clear just how much of a chickenshit, asshole douchebag he has been in the past, and they will not put up with any more chickenshit, asshole douchebaggery in the future.

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