Death Benefits, 2010 Edition

I have often said I don’t like writing about abortion, but I do enjoy playing with numbers. Just over threeyears ago, I took a look at the number of abortions Planned Parenthood performed in 2006 — 289,650, up from 264,943 in 2005.

Well, the numbers for 2010 are in, and now it’s 324,008.

I’ll let others assign values and terms to what that number represents, and limit myself to the purely mathematical.

That number shows an increase of 34,358 more abortions in four years, or a percentage increase of 11.86%. In the same time, the US population rose from 298,431,771 to 309,050,816 — a percentage increase of 3.56%. So the abortion rate rose at roughly 3.3 times the rate of population.

Next up, let’s put the Planned Parenthood abortion count up against a clock and a calendar. The general rule of thumb — especially for those of us who like our math tidy and simple — are that there are 250 working days in a calendar year, and 8 hours in a working day. Running that total number through those numbers gives us 1,296 abortions per day, or 162 abortions an hour.

Now to compare that number to a couple of numbers the liberals love to cite: American deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan. The most recent total are 4,447 in Iraq, 1532 in Afghanistan since the invasions in 2003 and 2002 respectively.

That means that on an average week, Planned Parenthood performs the same number of abortions as the total number of Americans killed in Iraq by around noon on Thursday — and shortly after lunch on Friday, adds in the total number of Americans killed in Afghanistan.

That’s every week, pretty much.

Let’s look at that hourly breakdown once again. According to this source, an abortion procedure takes about an hour. The actual abortion part is 5-15 minutes, depending on how far along the pregnancy is. Let’s toss in before and after prep and scrub time, and say that the doctor takes half an hour per patient. That means that a doctor can perform 2 abortions an hour.

Planned Parenthood performs 162 abortions an hour, which they need 81 doctors working all day, every day, doing nothing but performing abortions to keep up that rate.

Looks like the wages of sin can be pretty damned rewarding.

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