Obama's answer to the government's budget woes…

… is yet another speech:

President Obama will deliver a major speech this week about plans to reduce federal budget deficits and long-term debt, senior adviser David Plouffe said this morning.

“He’s going to lay out his approach very clearly,” Plouffe said on CNN’s State of the Union, one of a string of Sunday talk show appearances he made.

Obama will address cuts to defense and domestic spending, as well as what to do with the growing entitlement programs of Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, Plouffe said. He will talk about “dollar amounts” over “a period of years.”

Obama “believes we need significant deficit reductions in ten years,” Plouffe said.

The president’s deficit speech is currently set for Wednesday.

Who’s going to believe him?  Who besides the gullible and frequently bamboozled?

We’ve listened to the dude’s speeches now for the better part of 3 years…  what he says and what he does rarely come together… and yet we’re supposed to believe that this’ll be different?

I don’t think so yet watch the media fawn and pump this speech up… watch them do again what they’ve done in the past.  Attempt to have us buy the snake oil being peddled yet again.

I’ll pass.

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