Truth Is Stupider Than Fiction

Over at Outside The Beltway, Doug Mataconis posted this clip from “The West Wing.”

I watched it, and had the following thoughts:

In the video, the Continuing Resolution would extend the federal government’s operations through January 3. In reality, we’re up to April 8 without a budget.

In the video, the president is an active participant in the negotiations. In reality, the president calls the participants to the White House, then goes running off for campaign appearances and vacations.

In the video, the fight is over a 1% vs. a 3% cut in funding. In reality, the current hangup is over about 0.2% of the total budget.

In the video, the president is actually decisive and resolute and principled. In reality, Obama’s head is on the links.

I find myself wondering: can we trade in Obama for Martin Sheen?

Hell, at this point, I don’t think we’d be worse off if we traded Obama in for Charlie Sheen.

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