Unlike 1995's shutdown, military may not be paid this time


The Department of Defense says that if the government shuts down for an extended period, troops including those fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq will not be paid on time, according to a senior defense official.

The threat adds to the pressure the Pentagon is trying to put on Congress to pass a proper defense budget, rather than the continuing resolutions it has operated under for a the last few months. The resolutions fund the Department of Defense at a lower rate.

“If the continuing resolution expires, we have no money except for activities we can say are exempt as permissible by law, on the grounds of national security,” the senior defense official said. He is unnamed because he wasn’t authorized to speak on the record.

Officials insist the operations — including the two wars, Libya and Japan — would be not affected but it would certainly impact military families.

If the federal government shuts down, “you could have forces deployed in the field, with their families back home, and no one’s getting paid. And that could be an issue,” the defense official said.

If a shutdown were to last beyond the next pay period of April 15, the official says U.S. troops would not get paid on time.

This is a stark contrast to 1995, when military personnel continued to work and were paid. The official says unless Congress and the president specifically reach agreement otherwise, “some troops who expect a paycheck might not get it on time.” The official says troops would receive back pay when funding is restored.

AJ Strata speaks for me on this issue:

Let me just cut to the chase.

If the Obama administration felt our national safety would be maintained by making sure our troops could focus on their jobs instead of the financial risk of themselves or their families, Congress would have no problem exempting the pay of our brave men and women from the shutdown.

Only a liberal ass – operating on full moron – would attempt to use military pay as a way to try and scare or coerce budget discussions. Especially after congressional majorities of liberal asses – on full moron – failed to pass a budget for the year during the last Congressional session.

The President’s little game here is going to backfire big time – and permanently.

Given, as AJ has pointed out, that the Democrats,failed to pass a budget while in power, and given that this President failed to lead to get a budget passed since and given that the Dems are going against the will of the people now, wouldn’t it be great if we could fire 50 Democrats from Congress for every day the government is shutdown.  50 a day. 

If only.

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