Following the Money

Once upon a time a pair of Senators concluded that Money was the root of all political evil.  They then proceeded to convince a majority of their fellow Senators and Representatives that this was indeed a problem and one which needed to be dealt with.

What say we look at twenty years worth of actual data?

Top 20 US political donors over the last 20 years via

Note that of the top 20 donors over a 20 year span, a mere 2 slightly favor Republicans, while only 4 are relatively neutral (though two lean slightly Democrat and two lean Republican).  The remaining 14 of the top 20 political donors are solidly in the Democrat camp.

The full list of the 140 top donors can be found at the link.

Color me unsurprised, and let this be the stake through the heart of the “Republicans are the party of Fat Cats” meme.

Hat Tip: Jacob Lyles of via The Blogfather.

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