Explaining Civics 101 To The Smartest Man In The World

I’m sitting here listening to Obama talk about how awful the budget situation is, and how tough it’s making it for him, and how he’s blaming the Republicans. (Big surprise here.) He’s laying the groundwork to blame the GOP for it.

Time to get a bit indiscreet and introduce this renowned Constitutional Scholar to some basics about the Constitution.

Hey, asshole Mr. President: here’s how it works.

At the beginning of the calendar year, the president submits a budget to the House of Representatives. The House revises it a bit. (OK, most of the time they toss the president’s plan and do their own from scratch, but the principle’s the same.) Then they send it on to the Senate, which makes its own changes. The two Houses then finally settle on a budget, send it to the President, and he (usually) signs it, right around Octoberish.

The reason we have a crisis right now is that wasn’t done last year. The president — Barack Obama, Democrat — never submitted a budget to the House. The House, under the “leadership” of Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat — never worked on a budget, let alone passed one on to the Senate. And the Senate, under the “leadership” of Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrat, never bothered to push the House for a budget.

So, we’re in this jam now because none of you Democratic dipshits ever did your jobs. So suck it up, put on your big-boy panties, an own the fact that you failed to do one of the most fundamental responsibilities the government has.

And then STFU while the grown-ups do their jobs.

Obama did offer a budget last year. But as usual, the only “followthrough” he knows is the one on the links — he never pushed Nancy Pelosi’s House to actually do anything with or to it. My apologies for the error, and my thanks to former Wizbang commenter mantis for correcting me.

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