What kind of people would be taken for a ride by Obama again?

Reference the Obama campain kickoff video posted by my colleague Michael Laprarie.

I have serious questions about it all.

So many serious questions.

How can people fall for this a second time? Seriously? How shallow must the thinking be to be duped by the man’s lies again?  How can you say with any genuineness that you trust the man? 

I ask these questions with sincerity.

What does it take today to learn a lesson?   What is ingrained so deeply in the psyche that you would be willing not only to vote for the man again but to suggest that others do the same?

Someone help me here.  Help us all.  What level of foolishness and guile will one stoop to?  Is there any pride out there?  Is there half an intellect out there that will take the man’s words from the 2008 campaign and juxtapose them with where we are today?

What in hell is wrong with these people?

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