Smoke 'em out

There’s a John Wayne movie called Big Jake that, while kind of mediocre otherwise, at one point makes an argument very poignant to the existential struggle in which America is now engaged.  The Duke is tasked with taking a million dollar ransom to retrieve his grandson who he’s never seen.  He and his sidekicks roll into an oil boom town toting a strongbox, ostentatiously and with guns drawn, knowing someone’s likely to try and rob them.  He then devises a plot to ensure it happens sooner rather than later.

When queried why, The Duke asks back, “What do you do when there are cockroaches in the woodwork?”  The answer – “You smoke ’em out.”  Those words came to mind as periodic attention monger Terry Jones managed to smoke out some cockroaches by following through on his threat to burn a Koran.

The most obvious and odious of the roaches are the “protesters” who took it upon themselves to overrun the UN Headquarters in Mazar-e Sharif, Afganistan.  The “protesters” murdered (for starters) four Nepalese, a Norwegian, a Romanian and a Swede.  A perfectly logical response to the actions of some random dude in Florida.  They then turned their attention to the Zarghona Ana High School for Girls, burning the school and its bus.

Not being big fans of seeing girls educated, might as well follow through on those misogynistic impulses while the dander’s up.

Too bad we don’t actually exterminate these roaches while they’re smoked out.  They did the same thing in response to some cartoons of Mohammad published in a small, sparsely read Danish newspaper.  And again when Newsweek falsely claimed a Koran had been flushed down a toilet at Gitmo.  And will yet again the next time some trifling soul offends their sensibilities.

Count Afghan president Hamid Karzai among the cockroaches as well:

Both Afghan and international news media had initially played down or ignored the actions of Mr. Jones, the Florida pastor. On Thursday, however, President Karzai made a speech and issued statements condemning the Koran burning and calling for the arrest of Mr. Jones for his actions. On Friday, that theme was picked up in mosques throughout Afghanistan.

“Karzai brought this issue back to life, and he has to take some responsibility for starting this up,” said a prominent Afghan businessman, who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of retribution if he was identified as a critic of the president.

“Karzai’s speech itself provoked people to take such actions,” said Qayum Baabak, a political analyst in Mazar-i-Sharif. “Karzai should have called on people to be patient rather than making people more angry.”

Karzai is purported to be our “ally” in the struggle against al Qaeda/Taliban/radical Islamic savages in Afghanistan.  I’m sure he would quickly articulate a list of grievances indicting the US and coalition forces in his country as justification.  He had to know what would happen and he took to his bully pulpit to incite the crazies.  Real leaders don’t attempt to score cheap political points by pointing their finger at completely irrelevant folks half a world away.  Apparently he’s decided to throw in with Pakistan, Iran, and the crazies thanks to…President Roach Clip.

Obama has made it clear he has a hard stop in mind for US military support for Afghanistan.  I don’t believe we should plan on staying there forever, but you’d think someone who made such a big deal about Bush taking his eye off the ball and going into Iraq might have a strategic plan beyond AMYOYO.

Is putting an expiration date on US support for the people of Afghanistan supposed to incent them to sell out the radicals they know aren’t going anywhere, ever?  

Beyond that, and Lord knows Bush was guilty of it as well, our Appeaser in Chief chimed in with his two cents on a non-issue he should have ignored completely.

US President Barack Obama described the killings as “outrageous” and the Koran burning as “intolerance and bigotry”.

You know what’s “outrageous,” Sport? Bowing to the Kleptocrat of a Kingdom (Saudi Arabia) who is so intolerant and bigoted he won’t permit Bibles or Jews to even enter his country.  The very same ruler who funds madrases that teach the Wahhabi strain of Islam which calls for violent jihad against the West.  Way to throw gasoline on the fire, Sparky.

Final sidebar pull quote from the Apologist in Chief:

No religion tolerates the slaughter and beheading of innocent people

I know that’s the popular version of what went on there. And a lot of people like to believe that. I wish I could.  But what happens when words go from Karzai’s mouth to the Mosques’ ears says otherwise.  Are all Muslims bad?  Of course not.  But there sure seems to be enough willing to slaughter and behead that the good ones are quite content to turn a blind eye to terror in the name of Allah.

Their hearts and minds are lost.  Afghanistan is lost.  We might as well fold the tent now and focus on keeping Iraq out of the hands of the crazies.  Start buying up all the opium we can at a premium price to cut off the Taliban’s funding and get the hell out.

Either that or start eradicating the pests while they’re out in the open.  But the West doesn’t have the stomach for that.  We’ll keep whistling past the graveyard while we continue our slow walk to dhimmitude.

But look at the bright side.  At least we don’t have some fiscal crisis of biblical proportions staring us in the face, too.

"If this is liberalism, you can keep it"
" their fruits ye shall know them."