You Realize, Of Course, That This Means War

The public sector unions in Wisconsin have decided that they need more support in their struggle against the elected Republican majority in government, so they’ve started a drive to get more backers. And they’re using tactics that they likely picked up from the Mafia, reinforcing the age-old ties between labor and organized crime.

They’ve sent out a letter to a lot of businesses, asking for their support. Nothing wrong with that. But they are explicitly stating that the businesses have no right to remain neutral — that they either declare their support, or be considered an enemy and the target of an economic boycott.

Were I business owner, my first response would be to immediately declare my opposition to the unions. But that could hurt business, so my second thought struck me as slightly more suitable.

I’d put up the union support sign, framed by a bigger sign saying “POSTED UNDER COERCION.” And there would be a note explaining it:

Never before have we taken any sides in any political dispute, and that would remain our policy today but for the threats of the public sector unions. They have declared that those who do not actively support them in their current struggle will be considered and treated as “they enemy,” and we simply cannot risk the consequences. Subsequently, we have done what we believe to be the minimum to avoid further union attacks. We are also discussing our legal options on what we consider to be extortion by the public sector unions, and will remove the sign as soon as we are sure we can do so safely. We apologize for our act of cowardice here.

Yeah, strong language. Extortion. Blackmail. Threats.

This is political war. The unions are, to continue the metaphor, are conscripting unwilling troops and forcing them to fight alongside them at bayonet point.

The Wisconsin state government needs to fight back.

Time to decertify the unions. Start with WSEU Council 24. Then move on to the Wisconsin Professional Police Association and the rest of the public safety unions that started this blackmail tactic.

Some things are simply intolerable. And it might seem a bit pedantic, when something is intolerable, you don’t tolerate it. You don’t turn a blind eye. You put a stop to it.

"They have committed themselves to die if necessary to save the nation"
Double Vision