Echoes Of Failures Past

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something hauntingly familiar about what seems to be the Obama policy regarding Libya. Something that seems eerily reminiscent of… dammit, I can’t quite put my finger on it.

Maybe it’s the idea that we are aiding and abetting rebels against a militaristic dictator in a civil war, but solely through air power…


OK, then, maybe it’s the idea that we are encouraging the overthrow of a Middle Eastern dictator who we have come to terms with, but not knowing a damned thing about the likely successors, in the hopes that “they can’t be as bad as the current guy” — even though “the current guy” isn’t bothering his neighbors or causing mischief outside his own borders.

No, that’s not it, either.

Fine. OK, how about we have a Democratic president who never served in the military who is deploying the US military forces into Africa for what he describes as a “purely humanitarian” move to help and protect suffering innocents, in an area where his administration explicitly states that we have no national interest, just our sense of duty to humanity and to show the world we really are the good guys.

Still not it.

Sigh. I give. Maybe there are some historical parallels to be drawn here. Maybe there are some lessons we can learn from past experiences, lessons that will help us avoid repeating them.

But it’s going to take someone with a keener sense of history than me to find them.

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