Double Vision

Two writers I respect greatly recently spent a bit of time explaining their vision of the Middle East — how they see the state of the region, the culture, the people, and how we got to our present mess.

First up, Wretchard of The Belmont Club (a Very Big Thinker, if you didn’t already know that, and you should) put his in a comment on one of his own pieces. It’s a superb summary, taking one of his standard anti-Semitic commenters to task and, in the process, tying up a lot of seemingly-disparate facts into a fairly coherent whole. It really does explain a lot of things.

Key takeaway quote:

The Middle East is primarily a monster created by grafting Western
banking legs to a body of oil with tribal arms and an Islamic head.

On the other hand, FrankJ of IMAO can reliably counted on to come down on the same side as Wretchard, but from an entirely different direction. He has done his own take on the Middle East, and it’s — as usual — inspired brilliance.

Key takeaway quote:

Many of today’s problems in the Middle East started when one guy — I
forget his name — said, “You know what religion needs? More violence!”

Now, most people would read these two commentaries and wonder if these two were talking about the same region — if not the same planet. But it’s the Middle East. They both have a lot of truth in them, even where they conflict.

Hell, especially where they conflict.

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