Bill Maher's obsession with Sarah Palin reaches new low

And that’s quite a feat given this dude’s despicableness.

Last week, he called Sarah Palin “a dumb twat”.  Over the weekend, he decided to use the “C” word… you know the one… it rhymes with punt.

Class act eh?

There was a time, long since past, where peckerheads like this were dealt with by men with spines, men with class, men who treated ladies like ladies and a**hole misogynists like the scum that they are.

Bill Maher needs to have his butt kicked.  I’ve got to believe that many women out there could do it.  But there ought to be a man out there, a real man, who’ll stand up for ladies and punch this guy straight in his kisser.  And yea, as someone who’s recently returned to the Catholic church and who’s trying his damndest  to walk the straight line and be a role model worth modeling… I realize that what I’m calling for here goes against the grain.

But hey… I’m a sinner.  The apostle Paul called himself Chief Sinner.  And I’m telling you that if Bill Maher and I were to run across each other, I might just wrestle that title away from St. Paul.  I think it’d be worth it.

For Sarah Palin and all decent women maligned by this butt-munch pantywaist poor excuse for a human being… one punch is all I’d need.

And then it’d be off to the confessional…  post-haste.

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