"The sheer relentlessness of the great wave"

American Digest’s Gerard Vanderleun has found a tsunami video I’d not seen before and it’s devastating in its depiction of the destruction that ensued.

Vanderleun’s accompanying comments are dead on:

We’ve all seen more than our share of Tsunami horror videos. After a bit they all seem to repeat themselves, like relentless waves swelling our impression of the disaster until we think…. we tell ourselves that we think…. we get it; that we have some clear picture of what happened. But we don’t really, do we?

What we don’t understand clearly is the sheer relentlessness of the great wave. With this video, we do. The alarm sirens. The amplified voice repeating “instructions.” The rushing and rumbling of the rising waters. The push of the wave as it scrapes structures away and slams them against taller buildings — yes, those dots at the top of the building across the torrent are others wondering just how high the waters will rise and just how firm, finally, are the foundations ….

"People die in wars. They rarely die playing the games you play"
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