"I don't care, Obama is awesome" (UPDATED)

A simulated water cooler conversation with an Obama supporter.  Any similarities to leftists near you, especially religious progressives, are intentional and deliberate:

H/T American Digest.

UPDATE: Remember the Religious Leftist who wanted to see Sarah Palin jailed over the Tucson shootings?  She is once again waxing eloquent over at the Desperate Preacher’s site… and given her words, we may very well have found who the blonde in the video was modeled after:

I don’t think that Iraq was constitutional, nor is Libya, and that troubles me. . . greatly. The difference however is that Iraq was started by a lie. (Chemical weapons), and with the excuse of 9/11, when Iraq never had anything to do with 9/11.Osama Bin Ladin was never in Iraq. Saudi Arabia had everything to do with it and yet we do nothing, except allow them to fleece us by continually raising the oil prices. Why is that? At least Libya was proven that Gaddafi was killing his own people, and not responding to sanctions, promising to continue. And France went in First. (Now, there’s a first!)

Never mind the many UN sanctions preceding the Iraqi invasion, never mind that the coalition put together by Bush was far greater in number than Obama’s Libyan coalition, never mind that Congress voted to support action by Bush and that Obama ignored Congress seeking instead to notify and gain approval from the UN… never mind all that because… hey… Obama is awesome:

… Barack Obama would have been damned if he didn’t go in, and he is damned because he did. There are many who do look at him that he cannot do anything right. He has been criticized for his trip to Latin America to try to get more business, and more JOBS. He can make decisions just as easy from there as he can The Oval Office. He is trying to move the country out of the huge Budget deficit, that he INHERITED. We are moving in the right direction, but we still need to move a lot more.

The only ideas the Republicans have come up with of late is to fleece the public schools of all funding, call teachers greedy, give tax breaks to the top 1% of wealthy in this country, and end collective bargaining. Everything AGAINST the Middle class and the poor. and everything for their cronies. Whatever happened to Boehner’s statement that they would be “relentless about creating jobs?” What have they done?? NADA! ZIPPO! NOTHING!! I

I am sorry but I do believe a lot of the comments that have been made against Obama are racially motivated. There are so many things that are not only false, but irrational. And there is still a lot of racism in this country, unfortunately so. Obama is not a Marxist or a Nazi. (You cannot be both at the same time anyway,) He is a centrist. Much to the shagrin of many of his liberal supporters who voted him into office. When that argument doesn’t work, then he wasn’t born in the US. Or he’s Muslim. . . all of it BS. What they aren’t saying is ‘There is a black man in the big house.” The same arguments were used against Martin Luther King when he attempted to fight for Civil Rights, peacefully.

Most of all, I think there is a huge propaganda machine that fills people full of all kinds of misinformation about what is happening, and who Obama is, or isn’t, with the expressed purpose of filling people with fear. And it is working. It is tragic. Unnecessarily tragic.

The blindness and shallowness exhibited mirrors the video perfectly does it not?  I’m not sure that one can be any more ignorant of reality or facts.

It’s quite embarrassing really… there’s no other way to describe it.

But hey, that Obama sure is awesome…

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