A Quick Guide on Who to Support in the Middle East

Courtesy of Glenn “The Blogfather” Reynolds and one of his readers:

SYRIA: The Revolt Continues.
“This is probably the most important ongoing revolt in the Middle East
right now. If Assad were to fall, it would reverberate all over the
region, and greatly weaken the Iranian regime. Typically, it is getting
far less coverage than the other ‘crises,’ but we’ll follow it here.”

UPDATE: Reader Jody Green writes: “It seems very easy for me being
an average citizen to figure out which of these revolts to support and
which to not. If the regime is supported by Iran, use everything you
have to help whomever the protesters happen to be. If the protesters
are supported by Iran, support the Regime. Is that being too simple?
If not, then we are all backwards in our policy.”

Posted at 11:22 pm by Glenn Reynolds  

It’s almost as if this administration is totally bereft of meaningful foreign policy goals…

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