Sarah Palin: Republicans have the fighting instinct of sheep

She’s in India and she’s mincing no words:

SarahPalinII.jpgPalin added that it was time for a woman president in the United States. However, she has not made up her mind on running for the 2012 presidential elections. “There’s still time to deliberate on that,” she said, replying to a question from India Today Editor-in-chief Aroon Purie.

Palin’s statement comes at a time when it is being speculated that she may not run for the next US presidential campaign.

Palin painted a picture of the shared destinies of India and the United States which had a common interest in the peaceful rise of China and the safety of the sea lanes of communication in the Indian Ocean. Both nations, she said, were victims of terrorism.

“More decisiveness, less dithering,” said Palin when asked what her response to the Libyan crisis would have been if she were the US President. There were several options short of sending troops into Libya. These options included enforcing the no-fly zone.

Guests at the packed Conclave address were treated to a glimpse of the gutsy vice-presidential nominee sometimes labelled a ‘Mama Bear’ and a ‘Hockey Mom’ during the course of her 2008 presidential campaign, which she had fought with John McCain.

Palin insisted that Russia could be seen from Alaska. “You can’t rely on the mainstream media to set records straight,” Palin said of what she has called the ‘lamestream media’.

“I will put my foot down to ensure that people will have the right information,” Palin said, insisting that Republicans had the fighting instinct of sheep when it came to taking on the media.

In the course of her speech, she took on another of her bugbears: big government that was standing in the way of ordinary citizens. “My faith is not in big government but in people,” she said.

Repeatedly speaking of the ‘ordinary men and women’ of America, Palin spoke of tapping the ‘optimistic enterprising spirit’ of America to bail itself out of the $14 trillion debt.

Palin who coined the phrase ‘drill baby drill’ during the 2008 elections said it was a ‘false Utopian fairy tale that you don’t need to drill for energy needs’. The present green technologies were not mature enough and Alaska’s abundant oil and gas reserves would serve as the bridge to the future.

“Energy, job creation and national security are linked,” Palin said, emphasising on the need to liberate America from the clutches of oil-rich dictatorships that held the country’s energy needs to ransom.

Spoken like someone with principles, someone who knows what she believes in, someone who’s learned a thing or two since her rise to prominence, someone who knows where America should go, someone who just might think she can play a leading role in getting there.

Juxtapose the leadership and vision she’s exhibiting with that being displayed by the current occupant of the White House.

Is there any comparison?

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