Me, Myself, And I Meet This Guy

I’ve been rather lax in my posting over the past few weeks. I’ve tried to write at least one piece here a day, and even that’s been a challenge at times.

It’s because I’ve been unfaithful to you.

Let me explain. I have, at last count, four different online personas. “Jay Tea” is my most vocal one; whenever I’m dealing with political stuff or, occasionally personal stuff, that’s the name I use. I also have an obsession with naval history, and I participate in a few fora under a similar name. And yes, the two have occasionally crossed paths.

I also participate in a discussion board for my fellow employees at The Day Job, where we can swap tips, gossip, and mainly bitch about Big Company. I keep that one totally walled off from the others; our anonymity is one of our few protections from retaliation by Big Company, and lets us be more open with each other. In fact, I’d probably deny my participation there if pressed.

And recently, I joined another community where I can indulge my creative side. And that sucker is so firewalled from the rest of my life and online personae, I think I’d even deny knowing about that community, let alone to being a member. But it turns out that I’ve been repressing a lot of creativity, and I’ve been writing like a madman — about 25K words in two weeks.

And I’ve been spending a bit of time in those other fora, as well. Time I haven’t spent here.

No, I’m not going anywhere, and I THINK I’ve finally got the monkey off my back.

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