Three Cheers For Beefy Boy

Much of the internet is talking about “Casey The Avenger,” the hefty Australian schoolboy who was being smacked around by a much smaller kid in school. Casey, after being hit several times, finally grabbed his antagonist and body-slammed him on to the bricks, then walked off while the punk staggered and reeled.

I found myself watching the video over and over, because 25-odd years ago, I was Casey. I was the big kid in the red shirt.

Oh, there were a few differences. My scrawny antagonist wasn’t normally a bully, but a bully-victim — quite possibly more than I was. He was also sickly, and used that as his shield — no one dared touch him, because of his condition. He didn’t like being bullied, so he figured he’d try being the bullier for a change, and figured I’d be an easy target.

And when I body-slammed him and walked off, I dumped him into a snow bank, not a brick floor.

There’s an old saying — “pick on someone your own size.” In most cases, it’s intended as a form of challenge an an insult, meant to discourage people from using their greater size and strength to dominate smaller people.

But it has a secondary meaning, that rarely comes up. If you’re small and abusing someone larger, trusting in their own inhibitions and social pressures and whatnot to restrain them, that will occasionally blow up in your face — as the big guy simply decides he’s had enough and hits back.

This, too, has larger sociological and political implications. Recently, in Wisconsin, the Democratic minority in the state Senate tried to “bully” the Republican majority and governor into going along with their demands — and that didn’t work out too well for them. The history of Hezbollah’s attacks on Israel also follow the same model. And 9/11 is quite possibly the best example — Al Qaeda kept poking and poking and poking at the US until we finally snapped and hit back so hard, we took out two sitting governments.

Punks, take it from this “big guy” who’s been pushed around a lot in life: sooner or later, we will have had enough of your shit. And you will not enjoy the experience.

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