Ceding the notion of American exceptionalism…

… to France… yes, France.

France steps in to fill the leadership void on Libya:

France is the first country to formally recognise the legitimacy of Libya’s rebel National Transitional Council and will open an embassy in Benghazi, the government announced after meeting with NTC representatives in Paris Thursday.

Libya’s opposition battled for military and diplomatic advantage against Moammar Gadhafi’s embattled regime on Thursday, winning official recognition from France and hitting government forces with heavy weapons on the road to the capital.

France became the first country to formally recognize the rebels’ newly created Interim Governing Council, saying it planned to exchange ambassadors after President Nicolas Sarkozy met with two representatives of the group based in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi.

In the meantime, Obama is focused on much more important things:

President Barack Obama will take a firm stance against cyberbullying at Thursday’s White House Bullying Prevention summit.

The conference will bring together students, teachers, parents and experts to discuss ways to stop bullying, with a new focus on the Internet. On Wednesday, the president and first lady Michelle posted a video on Facebook spreading awareness on what is becoming a controversial topic.

“This isn’t an issue that makes headlines every day, but it affects every single young person in our country,” Obama said in the video.

Let me pause a moment and ask you Obama supporters a question.

Is this the freakin’ hope and change you voted for? 


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