The real victims of the global warming scam…

… are the poor:

Now, it turns out that wheat held steady and rice declines slightly, so the increase is due mainly to maize (corn).  The biggest exporter of maize is the US, and this past year, 40% of the US maize crop went to ethanol rather than into food.  That’s 40%.  So, yes, food crops have decreased due to global warming; viz., the hysteria over it has diverted food away from the mouths of the poor into the gas tanks of the well-to-do in order that they may feel really good about their moral superiority.  

There’s an accompanying graph at the link that paints the picture.

Bottom line… the poor are being victimized by the caring parishioners of the Church of Chicken Little.  Think about that the next time you see the ethanol stickers at the pumps.

H/T Mark Shea.

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