Old School Style

There are a couple of stories floating around about just how much the teaching profession has learned from the professional unions — mainly the thuggery. But this is thuggery teacher-style — meaning that it’s carefully directed and targeted to teach a lesson.

First up, a guy in Oregon ran for Congress. Art Robinson challenged one of the more “progressive” Democrat incumbents, and gave him a decent challenge.

And shortly after the election, Art’s three children — all well into what were apparently stellar academic careers in some very challenging hard science fields — all ran into major difficulties with their studies. “Major difficulties” meaning “expelled from the Ph.D. programs they had invested several years into.”

Next, also in Oregon (more specifically, a community called McMinnville), the teachers’ union is in rather lengthy contract negotations with the school board. One local resident — who happened to be the manager of a bank branch — expressed a rather mild opinion on the matter: that the board should do all it can to minimize the loss of teachers, to the point of freezing pay and increased benefits.

Well, the local teachers’ union didn’t agree with that sentiment. And they disagreed even more with her having such an important job with a credit union with whom they did a great deal of business — so they worked for her termination, and succeeded.

So, for the audacity of challenging one of the most liberal members of Congress, a man finds his three children expelled from a school with very substantial ties to said member of Congress. And for not agreeing completely with the teachers’ union demands, another woman finds herself out of a job.

Now, both these stories are still unsubstantiated. There could be elements that have not been revealed thus far in these accounts that could be very relevant. For example, Ms. VanBlaricom could have made her statement on credit union letterhead, implying — or even explicitly stating — that her opinions were those of her employer, and that’s certainly grounds for firing. In the Robinson case, all three siblings could have been involved in some kind of academic dishonesty or fraud that tied all three together.

But the charges are very serious. Robinson has made very specific charges, naming specific individuals and citing specific acts — he’s putting his neck way out if he’s lying. And there is evidence that teachers’ union officials actively sought her firing as a reprisal for her speaking out.

These stories need to be investigated, and investigated thoroughly. If these accusations of retaliation and reprisals by “teachers” punishing those who dare challenge them have even a shred of truth to them, then those “teachers” need to be punished, and punished hard.

There are lines that must be drawn. There are boundaries that must be respected. There are limits that must be obeyed.

And those who break them must pay the price.

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