Travesty (UPDATED)

Locutisprime is a guest blogger at my place over at Brutally Honest but he’s also got his own blog at The Borg Conspiracy.  He’s a retired marine with a passion for the military, a passion that comes through in his latest piece at his place:

The bottom line, you only get one chance in life to do the right thing and John Boehner and Harry Reid are going against the will of tens of thousands and millions of Americans who want to see Frank Buckles honored as he should be.

When the last French WWI veteran Lazare Ponticelli passed in March of 2008, the French government gave him a ‘state funeral’ with full military honors. President Sarchozy led the procession and attended.

When Britain’s last WWI veteran Harry Patch passed in July of 2009, he was given the honors of final services at Westminister Abby, where the Queen and the Prime Minister were in attendance. And yet America cannot do the same for Pershing’s last patriot? Our last Dough Boy is to be buried with less than the full honors that this country can bestow? The last living symbol of an age of American greatness is to be denied this honor and relegated to a cloistered ceremony outside of the eyes and the ear shot of the nation that he served and loved?

I believe we as Americans can do better than that. I believe that we as Americans can honor our last Dough Boy, at least to the same level of honor as his comrades in arms who were honored by the French and the British governments on their passing.

I have created a memorial page titled “Honor Frank Buckles Last WWI Veteran” on FaceBook. I am seeking FaceBook members to join the page and to become a rising army of activist. Americans who will become part of the ground swell of citizens seeking to have John Boehner’s and Harry Reid’s unconscionable decision to deny Frank Buckles and the American people their honor reversed.

I am requesting that everyone send emails to their representatives and congressmen, (beginning today) and to speaker Boehner and majority leader Reid. In addition, I am asking that everyone who is as concerned about this travesty as I am, to send emails to the White House, requesting the president of the United States to intercede. (I already have).

We as Americans need to stand up for Frank Buckles and the memory of the 4.7 million that he represents. I am hoping that this message can get the widest possible coverage and dissemination across the internet, in social networking sites and blogs. We only have ten days. Frank’s services are scheduled at Arlington for the 15th of March.

I think it a travesty frankly that other nations have honored their last and we can’t seem to do the same.

Perhaps an army of Davids can turn this around.

UPDATE: Locutisprime has sent Obama a letter this morning.  Long shot for sure but what the heck, the cause is worthy.  I frankly don’t see this President stepping in however.

"Let people watch the hearing and decide then"
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