Tea Parties And Astroturf

Ever since it started, the left has obsessed that the Tea Party Movement is “astroturfed.” That is, it’s a fake grassroots movement — it’s actually centrally organized and covertly funded by big-money interests, who are using the stooges who actually show up for their own nefarious ends.

Well, it turns out they were right — it is all one big “astroturfed” scam. And here’s the proof — ads offering people jobs (good money, with benefits and everything!) for engaging in “political activism.”
(Hat tip to YourDaddy.)

Whoops, my bad — I misread the ad. They aren’t paying people to attend Tea Party events — they’re paying them to oppose the Tea Party.

I have to admit, I never really took too seriously the “astroturf” charges against the Tea Party. The thing about money in politics — it tends to show. If the Tea Party movement was the product of big bucks, you’d see some signs of the spending.

For example, look at the protests in Madison. There’s real money there. The protesters are largely arriving by bus, from unions all over the country. A lot of them have their identifying T-Shirts and professionally-printed signs. And it’s taking place during the work week. That all takes money.

The Tea Party events? Usually on weekends, and never more than a few hours on a single day. No “dress code,” everyone wears what they want — including some home-made T-Shirts. Everyone has their own unique, home-made sign. There will be the occasional bus to the event, but it’s usually chartered by a local talk radio station as a promotional stunt — and they might even sell tickets for the ride, so they might even turn a slight profit.

Once again, we see that the real pros — in several senses of that word — in politics here are on the left. As is the real money. Those of us on the right? We’re not in it to improve our bottom line, but to protect it.

That’s why the left just can’t get the Tea Party movement. That’s why they keep insisting that it’s “astroturfed” and “a scam” — because that’s their only reference point. They can’t imagine people getting as involved and passionate about the issues without somehow being paid for it — because that’s how they operate, and they can’t imagine anything different.It’s projection writ large.

In this case, t’s in their very name. “Grassroots Campaigns,Incorporated.” Think about that — a corporation whose sole purpose is to put together “grassroots campaigns?”  The very definition of “grassroots” means it builds from the bottom up — not organized from the top down. Their whole reason for being is the political definition of “astroturf.”

But they don’t see the paradox. They are incapable of recognizing it, and don’t see absolutely anything wrong with it. One would sooner expect a halibut to describe a cactus.

But it makes me wonder how some inventive Tea Party types could somehow infiltrate groups like this and monkeywrench their operations… or, at least, if confronted with them, badger them about just how they’re getting paid to solicit, and how much of the “donations” they get to keep as commissions…

It’s at least a little comforting that, according to YourDaddy, there’s some serious evidence that it’s a scam, and the “activists” end up getting ripped off by Grassroots Campaigns, Inc. Here’s hoping that they learn the right lesson — don’t trust the professional left — and not end up with a general cynicism about politics in general.

This has to be parody
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