Is Wisconsin yet another indication why we don't want Democrats in charge of National Security?

It might be a stretch but I see a connection:

The Democrats’ new playbook says to run away and hide when they don’t get their way. Good.

The one fundamental political truism in America is that Democrats always find a way to self-destruct. Good again.

Democratic legislators in Wisconsin and Indiana have run away so they don’t have to vote, represent their constituents or act like Americans. Other lemming Democrats surely will take their lead and follow them off the political cliff.


It’s hard to imagine our Founding Fathers finding the running-away behavior laudable or respectable, but I haven’t found anything yet that liberals believe that is in line with the philosophy and agenda of our Founding Fathers.

It’s delightful how these Democrats have run away from their elective jobs and hid. This juvenile, pro-union stunt has only tightened the political noose for Democrats in 2012. Hang ’em high.

Democrats have yet to accept the glaring fact that there was a seismic shift in politics in November when voters tossed them and their bankrupt ideas out of office. They are ignoring the will of the people because, at their core, Democrats think people need to be not only governed, but controlled. Liberals believe ordinary Americans are too stupid to make important decisions on their own. Believe it.

Instead of respecting the voters’ desire for frugal fiscal policies that make abundant sense, Democrats in Wisconsin and Indiana have run away and tried to take their political ball with them. They are emboldened by teachers who call in sick and various other loudmouthed, pro-union hacks and stooges.

My plea to these Democrats is to remain on the run. The longer they stay away from their respective states and elective jobs, the better the opportunity for fiscally conservative Republicans in 2012 and the better the opportunity to fix America.

William Warren’s new cartoon seems most appropriate:


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