We're on the verge of mob violence in Wisconsin

And yet the media will ignore it… until someone gets hurt or worse… and then they’ll figure out how to blame Walker and the Republicans… or Sarah Palin… or Rush Limbaugh… anyone but the moonbats in charge and the President of the United States who leads and inspires them:

H/T to the Anchoress who adds most righteously:

I can’t help but think back to a Tea Party demonstration in Washington, wherein then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi, carrying her clown-gavel, Steny Hoyer, John Lewis, Jim Clyburn and a few other Congressmen inexplicably decided they would walk through the crowd. Her head defiantly thrown back in laughter, Pelosi seemed almost to be daring the crowd to lose its self-restraint. The Congressmen carried video-cameras, hoping apparently, to get on tape, something shameful from the crowd. When they didn’t get it, they said they did, anyway. One congressman accused someone in the crowd of spitting on him, and another said, “I heard the N-word! I heard it!”

And the press dutifully ran with those stories: those racist, violent Tea Partiers – they spat on a congressman; they used the ‘n-word!’ No, we don’t have any tape on it; we don’t have any proof, but they did it! Because they’re violent racists, all of ’em! Oh, and the congressman says that maybe the guy was just yelling at him and it might have been an unintentional expectoration, but it doesn’t matter! Spitting and N-words, that’s the story and we’re sticking to it!

I wonder how many in the unintentionally expectorating mainstream media
(I’m looking at you, Mr. Matthews) are going to air this tape on their programs and talk about the malevolent violence of this aggressive mob? I wonder if they will excuse their gang-menacing of a single, unprotected grey-haired man as an regrettable, but understandable moment of “passion.”

“Shame!” cries the crowd, who are (for the most part) doing all of this in order to hold on to collective bargaining for the perkiest parts of their pensions. “Shame! Shame! Shame!”

I cry “Shame” at the at the plausible-deniability-loving press, who somehow never saw 8 years of “Kill-Chimpy-Bush-is-Hitler” signage but were (appropriately) appalled when stupid people put mustaches on images of President Obama. Now, they apparently cannot see a mob-mentality devolving into something genuinely aggressive, genuinely full-of-hate.

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We’re watching mob rule and we’re watching it despite the best efforts of the tolerant left and their psychophants in the media who are trying to hide it and a President who has instigated it.

This is the inevitable result when community agitators lead us.

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