"more cosmetic than concrete"

That’s GE CEO Jack Welch describing Obama’s alleged rightward tilt, a tilt too many people fell for back in 2008:

welch_jack.jpgPresident Obama’s attempts to move to the political center have been more cosmetic than concrete, author and former General Electric CEO Jack Welch told CNBC.

Speaking as the president tries to find common ground with the new Republican-led House of Representatives, Welch said the supposed shift from the president’s liberal base hasn’t amounted to much as far as policy is concerned.

“The tack to the center is verbal, it’s not actionable,” he said.

As an example, he cited Obama’s move last month that permitted employees of the Transportation Security Administration to unionize. The directive has come under criticism as further evidence of the president’s anti-business position and a further placation of organized labor.

“Let’s hope he’s moving to the center,” Welch said. “But from what I see–unionizing 43,000 TSA workers on a Friday and giving a speech (to the US Chamber of Commerce) Monday morning–show me the money.”

This isn’t good.  Someone telling the truth about Obama’s duplicity is simply not a good thing.  The lie that is Obama must now be re-packaged.  Again. 

Yet another shade of lipstick must be found for this pig.

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