"The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb"

This ad is causing many a leftist to stroke out: 



If the idea of advertising is to get your attention, the billboard doesn’t disappoint. It’s the combination of the girl and those words. East Flatbush’s Daisy Frith’s initial reaction was typical.

“WHAT?” she said.

The billboard is part of a national campaign sponsored by the anti-abortion group “Life Always” and hangs about a half-mile from a Planned Parenthood facility on Bleecker Street.

The Texas-based group claims Planned Parenthood targets minority neighborhoods and that abortions among African-American women are three times that of the rest of the population.

“And I’m sure black women are going to respond, in large part, because they have only heard one side of the argumentation. They only see it from Planned Parenthood’s position of a woman’s right to choose, meaning that the only choice that a woman has is to abort the baby. That’s not the only choice!” said Pastor Stephen Broden from the anti-abortion group LifeAlways.

Pastor Broden said his group bought the billboard to get exactly this kind of debate going.

“That kind of billboard isn’t going to help you make an educated choice. It’s a little, emotionally planted,” said Taffeta Wood of Park Slope.

“Why in the world are they doing that in SoHo? If we had put it in Harlem, I guarantee you that we would have been ignored,” Broden said.

They have not been ignored.

Truth can’t be ignored for long and this ad is gob-smacking full of truth.

H/T Deacon Greg.

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