Entitlement Thugs, Collectivist Goons, or Brown Shirts?

Take your pick. Isn”t it time we start using a more accurate description for union members and those who champion their cause?

There seems to be plenty of evidence to justify this new definition of unions; from illegal strikes, to calls for more strikes, to vandalizing the state capital, to “we know where you live” intimidation, to “hitler-izing” a governor, to democrat legislators shutting down a state government, to threats against republican legislators, to an elected democrat”s cry for blood in the streets…]]>< ![CDATA[But, surely, these are isolated examples of just a few progressive nuts among an astro-turf cast of thousands. Correct?

Will we, as Conservatives, wallow with the likes of democrat race pimps, Leftist liars, network propagandists, and alinsky-ites to demonize an entire movement based on the “uncivil” behavior of a rabid few??

Yet, the hits just keep on coming. Literally.

CWA union thug assaults young female FreedomWorks activist (video). “They threatened and yelled, then hit me with a sign online casino and threw my phone. But none of us were hurt.”

Meanwhile, in Massachusetts, a unionist attacks a man who supports WI Gov. Walker. It was all caught on tape.

But, wait. There”s more.

From Rhode Island: An enraged unionist screams “I”ll f**k you in the ass, you faggot!” while accosting a cameraman filming at a pro-union rally. Apparently, this enraged unionist was also vocal homosexual.

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt, but once again, some Progressive did not get that “new civility” memo.

Perhaps it is time we start using a more accurate description for union members and those who champion their cause, but it”s probably not wise to smear an entire angry, dirty, and violent movement with labels like “entitlement thugs, collectivist goons, or brown shirts.”

I was thinking Bolsheviks.”

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