"Staying would have meant … losing on a fair-and-square vote"

That from the folks at Hot Air on the Wisconsin Democrats leaving the state to avoid a vote:

Paul Ryan said this morning that Madison is starting to look like Cairo, but as Larry Kudlow notes, at least the demonstrators in Tahrir Square were pro-democracy. These morons were actually phoning the media from their formerly undisclosed location to insist that they “were left with no choice” but to skip town, as staying would have meant … losing on a fair-and-square vote. I confess, I’m mystified by how this tactic is supposedly strengthening their hand. The idea, presumably, is to give the protesters time to pressure the Republican majority, but it’s unthinkable that the GOP would cave now. The Democrats look too petty and gutless to be allowed to win and there are too many people around the country watching for this to end in a humiliating Republican crumble. This is, I take it, just kabuki by the Democrats aimed at showing the left how committed they are to unions before they eventually slink back into town and take their medicine during the vote.

When you have the leader of the United States and the Democrat Party completely ignoring the federal judiciary and the rule of law, you cannot be surprised when others within his party begin to abscond from their legislative duties and shirk their own responsibility.

Add to this that it’s Obama’s Wisconsin arm of Organizing For America whipping up the poorly educated and easily led dumb masses in opposition to Governor Scott Walker’s budget cutting policies and you can’t help but wonder if politics in America has crossed the rubicon.

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