Gov. Scott Walker (R): Wisconsin Won't be Bullied!

If the Governor”s proposed budget cuts are implemented, Wisconsin”s public employees will still have benefit plans more generous than most workers across the country, especially when compared to those middle class workers in the private sector – the ones paying the taxes which employ these protesting unionists!

Obviously, no one taught these spoiled children that there is no money tree.]]>< ![CDATA[

FOX News” Greta Van Susteren interviewed the Governor last night.

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“…the vast majority of state and local government employees — most of those employees, 300,000, showed up for work today, unlike those around the capital and unlike those 14 state senators, Democrats, who decided to hide out, apparently, down in Rockford, Illinois.

…They”re hiding out in online casino hopes that somehow, that will test the resolve. If anything, I think it”s made the Republicans in the assembly and the senate stronger. They”re not going to be bullied. They”re not going to be intimidated.”
The real problem with the Progressive agenda is a fanatical embrace – and subsequent disregard of their own core philosophy: pure and unfettered democracy now. What the more sane among us consider “mob rule.”

But the Progressive don”t really want “democracy now.” If they did, they would respect the will of Wisconsin”s voters who voted in the current crop of fiscally responsible adults to clean up the mess left by the previous profligate progressives.

What the protesting progressives in Wisconsin”s capital really want is a totalitarian implementation of their socialist agenda for wealth redistribution, regardless of cost. In short, gimme mine as long as some else is burdened with the obligation.

The blithering hypocrisy of these progressives is nauseating.

Update: Related: more Wisconsin districts shut down as teachers prove they care more about money than educating children.

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