May we live in interesting times

I believe we do:

The Israel Navy will be tracking two Iranian warships as they make a rare crossing of the Suez Canal late Wednesday night and sail into the Mediterranean Sea.

The two ships will cross into the Mediterranean Sea on their way to Syria. Defense officials said that Israel would track the ships but that their presence in the sea would not change anything for the Navy’s operational deployment.

“It is strange for the Iranian Navy to use the Suez Canal since it really doesn’t have anything to look for in the Mediterranean Sea,” one official said.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman called the planned crossing of the Suez by the Iranian ships a “provocation that proves that the overconfidence of the Iranians is growing from day to day.”

Speaking at a meeting of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations in Jerusalem, Lieberman lashed out at the international community which he said was regretfully not doing enough to confront the Iranian provocations. Lieberman also said he expected the world to “put the Iranians in their place. We are the true allies of the United States in the region, and the only ones that share its values.”

“The international community needs to understand that Israel will not be able to ignore these provocations forever,” he said.

I’m sure the Obama Administration is on this like stink on poop… though they may be somewhat distracted with other things.

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