CBS News reporter Lara Logan attacked, sexually assaulted in Cairo


From The Los Angeles Times:

CBS News correspondent Lara Logan is recovering in an American hospital this week after being sexually assaulted and beaten by a mob in Egypt’s Tahrir Square late on Friday.

The same day that Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak
stepped down, Logan was surveying the mood of anti-Mubarak protesters
for a “60 Minutes” story when she and
her team “were surrounded by a
dangerous element amidst the celebration,” CBS said
in a statement
Tuesday. The network said that a group of 200 people were then “whipped
into a frenzy,” pulling Logan away from her crew and attacking her until
a group of women and Egyptian soldiers intervened.

Logan flew back to the United States the next morning.

She is currently recuperating in a US hospital.  CBS News has not released any more details about the attack.

Sadly though, the story doesn’t end there:

As Mary Elizabeth Williams wrote earlier this evening over at Salon,
several reporters and bloggers have “decided to hinge the story” of Lara Logan’s rape
“on the blond reporter’s looks.”  Simone Wilson’s LA Weekly post mocks
Logan’s beauty, saying, “Egyptian protesters apparently consummated
their newfound independence by sexually assaulting the blonde reporter.”
 Consummated?  Unconscionable.

The Mofo Politics blog featured a post on February 3rd, saying, “OMG
if I were her captors and there were no sanctions for doing so?  I would
totally rape her.”  Here’s how they’ve edited the post since: “Super
funny joke deleted in light of the sad news that Lara Logan actually was raped in Egypt.  Can I just say, however, that I sooo totally called this.”

Most shockingly, though, Nir Rosen, a fellow at NYU (who will
hopefully be fired by the time many of you read this in the morning)
continually bashed Logan all over his Twitter feed, saying she “had to
outdo anderson” by getting raped, adding, “sometimes we have to find
humor in the small things.”

I could re-write all of his stomach-turning quotes here, but I
honestly don’t think I’d be able to without throwing up and crying at
the same time.

You can judge for yourself how big an ass-wipe Nir Rosen is, by viewing the screen captures of his Twitter feed at, where they were posted by Jim Geraghty.

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