Muslim Brotherhood: Suez Canal Must be Closed, Egypt Should be Ready for War with Israel

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As the world watches the chaos in Egypt continue, a leading member of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the major political groups fighting for power, has now greatly increased tension in the reason.

Muhammad Ghannem told an Iranian news network that if he and the Muslim Brotherhood had his way, the Suez Canal would be closed immediately.  This would not only hurt capital coming in for the Mubarak government, but it would have further repercussions, as one-third of the world’s oil is transported through the canal.  This could increase the price of oil and gas substantially.

Continuing, Ghannem stated that gas flowing from Egypt to Israel should stop immediately, “in order to bring about the downfall of the Mubarak regime.”  Once again, this would hurt the Mubarak regime and would also hurt the Israeli economy in the process.

However, Ghannem’s most provocative statements came about war with Israel.  Talking about what the Muslim Brotherhood is prepared to do, Ghannem stated that “the people should be prepared for war against Israel.”  This implies that a war with Israel could be inevitable if the group takes substantial power in Egypt.

]]>< ![CDATA[Hosni Mubarak, the besieged President of Egypt is still in power despite protests from hundreds of thousands of Egyptians.  Mr. Mubarak is famous for ruling Egypt for 30 years, but also because he is one of the only Middle Eastern countries to have a formal peace treaty with Israel.

Should the Muslim Brotherhood take power, that distinction would likely end.

Ghannem continued his interview, confidently saying that the armies of Egypt would not listen to Mubarak.  When asked about the soldiers in the street, Ghannem stated that they “would not kill their brothers,” even if the order has already been issued.

He lastly stated that the United States did, in fact, support Mubarak.  However, “seeing millions head for the streets,” the United States has “abandoned” plans to help Mubarak retain power.

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