Oh macaca… Virginia's Jim Webb will not seek re-election

You know somewhere, in some place, George Allen is smiling:

Jim Webb.jpgIn a major blow to Democrats’ hopes of keeping a Virginia Senate seat out of the GOP’s hands next year, Sen. Jim Webb is calling it quits after just one term.

Webb was set to face former Sen. George Allen in a rematch of their 2006 contest, which Webb won in a squeaker. Allen is now likely to be the favorite against any Democrat who might jump in the race, such as former Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine.

Whoever jumps in will face a formidable opponent in Allen, a former Virginia governor, whose campaign for reelection six years ago was derailed by his use of the pejorative “macaca.”

Though there were some things about Jim Webb that I appreciated, given what this does in the Senate, I can only look at his not seeking to run again to be nothing but a good thing for Virginia and for the country.

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